The 3 Tricky Truths

That Keep
Anxiety Sufferers
Feeling Hopeless, Helpless, and Out of Control

This 4-session course will reveal…


Why medications and psychotherapy haven’t been the complete solution…


For most people, anxiety is not a mental illness…


Why your body reacts differently than others…


What is happening in your body that makes you have anxiety…


Why you have those awful symptoms and what your body is trying to tell you…


The secret you need to know that will help you feel good again…



During my many years in practice, I found when patients are educated about their health issues and understand why they must follow their protocol; they get well faster and more completely.

Dr. Ron Meyers

Founder, Break Free From Anxiety

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In 1996 Dr. Ron Meyers developed the anxiety protocol that gave his wife Polly, their son Josh, and at least a thousand anxiety patients their lives back.

In The 3 Tricky Truths you will learn what Dr. Meyers discovered that allowed him to create this paradigm shift in the treatment of anxiety and why it is works so well.

In 2002 his highly successful, clinically proven protocol was translated into an “In-Home” version. Those of us with anxiety are blessed that he left as his legacy the BreakFree Program so that those who are suffering may continue to gain control over their anxiety symptoms and live wonderful, fulfilling lives. 

In Memory
Dr. Ron Meyers


Polly Meyers
Director  – Break Free From Anxiety
Co-Developer – Break Free Program

Polly has authored numerous blogs, posts, and her personal story ANXIETY My Live from an Invisible Prison…to Freedom. She is also the developer and host of Fear Less-Live More, 3 Tricky Truths and the Anxiety Q&A Calls. 

Polly’s anxiety symptoms started when she was just 7 years old. For over 40 years she suffered agonizing and sometimes paralyzing anxiety. In 1996 she and her husband, Dr. Ron Meyers, developed the BreakFree program that gave her, their son Josh, and Dr. Meyers’ many anxiety patients their lives back. Polly has dedicated the remainder of her life to helping those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. 

Freedom from anxiety and panic attacks is possible.

It’s time break free from anxiety and panic attack symptoms. Find out these Three Tricky Truths so that you can achieve freedom from your anxiety symptoms.

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