Success Stories

“I lead 4 classes, 2 weeks ago. 50+ people in each class, even though I was nervous the first class I finished and was told I was very informative and it was obvious I was an expert. 4 weeks ago I led a team to present a project via video-conference and phone to remote people in the US, that too was
a success, delivered well.
Nervous? Yes, anxiety and Panic? No.

So from when we first talked where I could barely look at another human being and avoiding any confrontation, not knowing when the next panic attack would ensue to what I am able to do now …..incredible. Thank you,”

Robert Hansen


I just wanted to tell you how much this program has changed my life. I have had throughout my life, GAD panic attacks and anxiety attacks, I am 62 years young now, so quite a while, after spending many years not knowing what it was, I now think differently and feel differently since starting your programme, you and Dr Meyers and of course Josh too really have put together such a complete package. I can only see me making really good progress from hereon. Thank you so much.
Alan Perkins

United Kingdom

“I’ve been associated with Dr. Ron Meyers and his BreakFree Program and products for almost two years. I’ve had notable anxiety issues in my life for over 35 years. It took a midnight emergency run to the hospital to get me to be serious about what Dr. Meyers’ practice has to offer. I can say, without exaggeration, that he undoubtedly saved my life during that trying time period. His BreakFree Program, including well-formulated and powerful products, have changed my life dramatically.”
Phil Stone


The break free program is like no other anxiety program because it gives you the REAL WHY. It provides you with an in depth knowledge of the physiological aspects of the disease and a foundation of health that then allows the more common anxiety treatments to work effectively. Itwill answer so many questions and give you the knowledge and ability to move forward with confidence and excitement rather than fear. In six months I have turned my life around. I have three children, one of whom I have gifted with the genetic pre-disposition to anxiety. We started him on the program and have since watched his fear dissipate and his confidence, energy and creativity sky rocket. He is such a wonderfully caring person and it was the most awesome light bulb moment to realise what was really going on in his little world. This is pretty major as I’m sure any parent will understand.I feel so very different these days than I did only 6 months ago. I have found the whole experience very enlightening and I am just so, so, so glad to have found your website. Had circumstances been even slightly different I would still not know what I know now I and feel thatI would have continued through life with anxiety for many, many years. Your work is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.




WOW! This is the best program I’ve ever listened to for anxiety and panic.  Dr. Meyers and his family really are experts in this area.
Please……If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks-like I myself have-this program will not only help you but it will enable you to live a life full of hopes and dreams.

Michelle Saunders


I am so grateful for the Break Free From Anxiety Program. It has changed my life! For me, prescription medicine was not an option… I have been using the nutritional supplements for almost 6 months, and it has made all the difference in my life. I feel like me again! I feel I have my life back! I can’t say it any better than in the words of my oldest daughter, “I have my mom back” I thank God for His divine intervention in placing me on a road that would lead me to Polly and Dr. Meyers!
Thank You!
Liz Liljestrom-Arizona


“I had my first panic attack at age 27. I thought I was going to die. I got my 2 year old son up from his nap and couldn’t find anyone to help me so I drove my son and me to the hospital. Polly’s program BreakFree is awesome. I feel so much more in control in my life. I’ve learned to control my panic and depression. I recommend this program to everyone.”


Thank you Polly and Ron. Or should I say sorry for the hundredth time? At first I was too quick and hasty so I gave program that you didn’t even charge me for because I didn’t want it after a week to a friend that after doing program does not feel an ounce of anxiety. Omg after we heard this my fiancé ordered supplements for us and yes omg what a difference. Please people don’t do what I did as an anxious person. Learn the program, take your supplements and you too will be free. Love you guys Ron and Polly. Keep on helping people! Even the stubborn Italians…….


Ontario Canada