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 After 20 years successfully helping thousands of people control the horrible, life sucking  symptoms of anxiety,  Break Free From Anxiety  is updating its website.

 Break Free From Anxiety will continue to be based on the research of Dr. Ron, Polly and Josh Meyers.

  • For most people Anxiety Symptoms and panic attacks are caused by a genetic variation… and is Not a Mental Illness
  • Those with genetic variation tend to over-respond chemically to stress.
  • The over production of stress chemicals use up and forces out nutrients and unbalances body systems causing terrifying and often times debilitating symptoms.
  • By rebalancing body systems and filling nutritional deficiencies, the sufferer’s body is able to naturally calm and heal thereby reducing or entirely eliminating anxiety symptoms.


In Home BreakFree Program

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This is exactly the program that helped Polly, Josh and thousands of Dr. Meyers’ anxiety patients get their lives back and now live comfortable, productive lives.

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“Do It Yourself”

In Home “Digital Only” BreakFree Program*

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BONUSMembership in our NEW private Break Free From Anxiety Facebook Support Page

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Dr. Meyers 5/1/1946-5/9/2014 Developer of BreakFree Program

Josh Meyers-Director of Education Break Free From Anxiety and Anxiety Coach

Polly Meyers-Director of Break Free From Anxiety and Co-Developer BreakFree Program

 Phone: USA 760-789-0620

Fax: USA 760-789-1582