What is the BreakFree Program?

BreakFree is a complete nutrition and education program made to specifically address the deficiencies and unbalanced body systems caused by the chemical over-response to stress. It was expressly designed to help overcome anxiety and panic attack symptoms, and the related depression that sometimes accompanies anxiety.

I’m taking medications for anxiety and depression. Can I still use the BreakFree Program?

Absolutely! Knowing how sensitive people with anxiety often are, Dr. Meyers was very careful not to include anything in the BreakFree Program that would conflict with your anxiety or depression medications. As a bonus, the BreakFree Program enhances all other form of anxiety therapy you might be using (Forms of therapy such as: cognitive therapy, anxiety coaching, in home anxiety programs, in patient anxiety programs, and medications for anxiety).

If I stop taking the nutrients in the BreakFree Program will there be any withdrawal symptoms like with some medications for anxiety?

BreakFree has no side effects nor does it cause any withdrawal symptoms. You can stop at any time without worrying.  

Will I still need to take medication for anxiety?

Most people are eventually able to live comfortably without drugs or use them only on rare occasions. Those who still need medication are generally able to significantly reduce the amount taken. Dr. Meyers often advised that his patients have access to a few tablets of quick acting anti-anxiety medication so they always knew that, should their anxiety symptoms flair, they could break an attack fairly quickly. This often gave his patients the confidence and security to start practicing.

WARNING Some anxiety medications can be addictive. That is why Dr. Meyers generally recommended using the benzodiazepines on an “as needed” (rather than daily) basis and only under a doctor’s supervision. We understand you may feel like you have must use a benzodiazepine daily to function, but in the long run, we want you to get to the root cause of your anxiety and fix it so you won’t become dependent on them.

How long before I can expect to see results?

Most people get some relief quite quickly if they continue to follow the program-usually in the first two weeks. Many people feel better from the first day. Others take longer because their nutritional depletion is more severe and body systems are extremely unbalanced.  

Will I still need to continue seeing my therapist?

In the BreakFree program you’ll learn about “imprinting” where the brain is imprinted to become hyper-vigilant or react in a fearful way to anything that was in the physical vicinity when the chemistry of the fight or flight response took place-sights, smells, what you were doing, even who was there. This is why most people have anxiety triggers.

Working with a good cognitive therapist specializing in the treatment of anxiety or with Josh Meyers our Anxiety Coach can help you undo this imprinting which has caused your triggers and any other behavior modification that has taken place. People with high anxiety, panic disorder and depression often have certain personality types and responses that are detrimental to their recovery. Working with a therapist to change those behaviors can also be helpful. The BreakFree Program enhances therapy and in combination speeds recovery.

On the other hand, we have worked with patients who did not take medication or do any other therapy and once they had gone through the BreakFree Program claimed to be totally “cured”.

You mean I am not crazy or mentally ill?

In Dr. Ron, Polly and Josh’s vast experience, the people who suffer from the symptoms of anxiety and depression are sensitive, kind, intelligent, creative, loving, courageous people. The strange behaviors exhibited often turn out to be a result of imprinting, behavior modification, or coping mechanisms developed by these very intelligent and creative people. Once they go through the BreakFree program and their symptoms are significantly reduced or disappear, the “real, mentally healthy” person is able to emerge.  

What if my body’s nutritional needs are different?

Although everyone receives the same information and nutrients, we’ve included instructions in the complete “in home” version of the BreakFree Program that will help you adjust for your body’s particular needs. You will also be able to ask questions on the private Facebook page Break Free From Anxiety Tribe. 

How does the cost compare with the clinic program?

Unfortunately, Dr. Meyers died in 2014 and working with him is no longer an option. The BreakFree Program by comparison was about one-tenth the cost. As an extra bonus you don’t have to pay travel and lodging expenses.  

Can a child benefit from the BreakFree Program?

Yes. Both Polly and Josh started having anxiety symptoms as very young children. If they could have gone through the BreakFree Program, they would have suffered so much less. With parental support and guidance and an adjustment of the nutrients (depends on the child’s age and weight), it is very safe and effective for children. Polly and Josh help parents adjust the nutritional protocol for children.

I seem to be very sensitive to all kinds of things like drugs and vitamins. I’m afraid of even trying BreakFree.

A high percentage of those with genetic anxiety are very sensitive to all kinds of things such as medications, synthetic vitamins, smells, sounds, emotions, and more. Dr. Meyers understood this and made sure there were no synthetic nutrients in BreakFree. If you can eat most foods, you should have no problems. You certainly are not alone in your fear. Many of us, because of our sensitives, have had bad reactions and are afraid to try new things. If you need to research how safe the nutrients are and decide to start very slowly, we’ll be here to answer your questions and encourage you.

What help can I get without having to leave my home?

The “In-Home” BreakFree Program: Because Dr. Ron, Polly and Josh Meyers knew many people either could not leave their home or it was very difficult and often caused anxiety and panic attacks, the complete “In-Home” BreakFree Program was designed so that those suffering never had to leave their home. The program includes everything you will need. You will not have to go any further than your mailbox. For customers in the US, the BreakFree Program is shipped by Priority Mail and is delivered to your door or mailbox. (International orders must be shipped Priority Express and are also delivered to your door or mailbox). The goal of the BreakFree Program is to calm your body and mind so you can become comfortable leaving your home…and eventually enjoy a “normal” life.

Coaching by phone: If you are in crisis, in a hurry to meet a deadline, or need help practicing and un-imprinting your fearful triggers, Josh Meyers (our Anxiety Coach) does all coaching and emergency sessions by phone or Skype. Josh was personally disabled by anxiety and depression for nearly 25 years. He completely understands how badly you feel (both physically and psychologically) and has developed many ideas and techniques especially for those who are home bound.

The Fear Less-Live More Course was also designed so that it can be done in the comfort of your home. 

If you have access to a CD player, for an extra $10 plus shipping you can order the Fear Less-Live More audio course on 4 CDs in its case. (This is a free gift when purchasing the Complete BreakFree Program) If you do not have a computer you can order by phone: Phone US 760-789-0620 

I don’t have a computer. Can I still purchase and use all the parts of the BreakFree Program?

The “Complete” BreakFree Program was designed to stand alone. You can order and receive the benefits even if you do not have a computer. (Actually, Dr. Meyers found patients did significantly better when they used the hard copy BreakFree Manual over the digital manual-probably because patients were more likely to write in it.) You will need a CD player for the audio portion (some people sit in a car and listen).  Everything you need is included when you order the complete program and will be delivered to your door.

To order: Phone US 760-789-0620.

If you have a smart phone with internet access, you can use it to order by clicking the Buy Button or by emailing CustomerService@BreakFreeFromAnxiety.com.