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How Sarah’s life changed, thanks to the Break Free Program

In the sunny dawn of each bright, new day, Sarah faced a dark reality: chronic, sometimes seemingly unrelenting, often unbearable anxiety.

Yet the excruciating symptoms throughout her body were nothing compared to the hopeless, helpless, empty feeling in the pit of her stomach: a void created by the realization that after seeing numerous doctors, therapists, trying countless medications, relaxation techniques, and anxiety programs, this is how she’d likely spend the rest of her life.

Freedom from Anxiety Symptoms by Break Free From Anxiety

Today, thanks to the compassionate foresight of Dr. Ron and Polly Meyers and the remarkable BreakFree Program, Sarah has joined thousands of people around the world no longer held captive by the physical and emotional ravages of anxiety, panic attacks and related depression.

Get Back the Little Things That Anxiety Has Taken Away

With the BreakFree Program getting to the root cause of Sarah’s anxiety, it has empowered her to reclaim the life she once lived. A life bustling with normal daily activities. The rewards of work. The joy of play. Loved ones. Laughter. And so much more.

If you have anxiety, there is no need to face it alone. Put the BreakFree Program on your side.

Smoothing the Jagged Edges of Anxiety

Break Free From Anxiety products and programs are indicated for people with chronic anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), nervous breakdown and related depression. The system, which features a revolutionary way of treating anxiety works by getting to the root cause of your anxiety symptoms, and replacing them with soothing, calm feelings.

Unlike all other anxiety therapies the BreakFree Program is designed to target what your body needs to get and stay calm and is designed to be adjusted for your unique needs.

“I suffered from terrible debilitating anxiety for many years and tried every form of treatment with little success.

I began the BreakFree Program from a place of desperation….and I am awed, as well as the people who know me, how much better I am than before I began the program.”

– Nancy N. California

If you’re in the discouraging, dispiriting grip of anxiety, we’d like to have a word with you:


On this website, you’ll discover a safe and effective natural healing advancement that has helped work miracles for thousands of anxiety suffers all across the globe. The BreakFree Program has been around for over two decades.

The BreakFree Program gives you real hope for a better tomorrow.

Reclaiming Control of Your Life Can Start by Getting the Facts

In 1996 after years searching for something…anything…to end the suffering for his wife and son who had suffered from debilitating anxiety for decades, Dr. Meyers and his wife Polly developed the anxiety protocol that gave Polly, their son Josh, and his many anxiety patients their lives back.

In Memory
Dr. Ron Meyers

Dr. Meyers taught hundreds of thousands of people how to live healthier and more comfortable lives. Helping patients was his passion and the greatest joy in his life.

Unfortunately, Dr. Meyers was born with several birth defects which caused his life to end suddenly in 2014. However, because Dr. Meyers had compromised health throughout his life, this gave him the unique ability to feel the pain of others and become the great doctor that he was.

Those of us with anxiety are blessed that he left as his legacy the BreakFree Program so that those suffering may continue to gain control over their anxiety symptoms and live wonderful, fulfilling lives.

Polly Meyers
Director – Break Free From Anxiety
Co-Developer – BreakFree Program

Josh Meyers
Director of Education – Break Free From Anxiety
Personal Anxiety Coach

Why is the BreakFree Program so Successful?

The anxiety protocol developed by Dr. Meyers and his wife Polly is a paradigm shift in the treatment of anxiety and is based on four scientifically backed principles:


Anxiety is Genetically Based

Scientific studies have shown that over 90% of people who suffer from anxiety symptoms have a genetic variation. Although, at this time we know it is hard for you to believe, in reality, it is a very good genetic variation. And anxiety, for all but a small percentage, is NOT a mental illness.



This Genetic Variation Causes Your Body to Over-Respond Chemically to Stress

This genetic variation predisposes your body to “over-respond chemically” to stress. The excessive chemical response uses up and forces out nutrients in conflict with the fight or flight response and unbalances numerous body systems. Without compensating for the depletion and rebalancing those body systems, it becomes virtually impossible for your body to get and stay calm.

People with the genetic variation are predisposed to over-respond chemically to stress but that does not mean they are doomed to have anxiety. It usually takes an emotional, physical, or nutrition assault which causes them to “tip over” into anxiety and panic attacks.


Anxiety Symptoms Result

If you have been diagnosed with Anxiety or Panic Attacks, GAD, Nervous Breakdown, Agoraphobia and/or Related Depression (preceded by or concurrent to anxiety), the Break Free Program was made for you. In the BreakFree Program one of the many things you will learn is the “Big D Little d Theory” Dr. Meyers developed to teach his patients how to listen to and understand what their body is saying. Symptoms are the language of your body. When you don’t do or give your body what it needs, it will start “YELLING” at you by increasing and intensifying symptoms. It is no wonder you feel so terrible!


Controlling Your Anxiety Symptoms

You must learn what is happening, why it is happening, and how to do and give your body what it needs to help it help you feel better. If you have the genetic variation to over-respond chemically to stress, your body responds differently to stress than others. By compensating for the nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in your body caused by your chemical over-response to stress, you can control your anxiety symptoms and live a comfortable and productive life again. If you don’t have the genetic variation, but do have anxiety symptoms, you can truly be cured.

Why Does the BreakFree Program Work When Other Therapies Haven’t?

The BreakFree Program works when other therapies have not because it gets to the root cause of your anxiety.

By filling your body’s nutritional deficiencies and re-balancing your body’s systems, your body becomes able to do its job optimally and naturally calm itself reducing or  eliminating the horrible symptoms of anxiety. 

Try the BreakFree Program With No Risk!

We offer a 60 day100% money back guarantee. The BreakFree Program is a very expensive program to produce so why would we give such a great guarantee?

We are willing to take the risk out of buying the program for you because…This is our heart passion. We have been where you are and don’t want anyone to suffer as much or as long as we did.

Find out more about our guarantee.

Fear Less - Live More

Understanding Anxiety and
Developing a
Plan for Your Recovery

This 7-session digital audio course is a must for anyone suffering from anxiety. The information in Fear Less-Live More can put you years ahead in getting the help you need.

After listening you will know more about anxiety than 95% of all health care providers.

Fear Less-Live More is also a great resource for those who love someone suffering from anxiety and those who care for them.

BreakFree Program

A complete nutrition and education program for overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and related depression.

The BreakFree Program is the heart of Break Free From Anxiety and gets to the root cause of your body’s inappropriate response to stress.

And then by treating it at the root, lifetime relief can be a reality for you. BreakFree has been hailed as a near miracle by those who have suffered and now live comfortable lives.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Josh Meyers

Josh suffered debilitating anxiety since the age of five. Combining his personal experience, his degree in psychology, having worked for a psychiatrist, and personally trying 18 medications has given insight one rarely finds in a health care provider. Working by phone or Skype, Josh will teach you what your body and mind needs to recover and together you will develop a toolbox so you can live a comfortable, productive life.

Success Stories

I am so grateful for the Break Free From Anxiety Program. It has changed my life! For me, prescription medicine was not an option… I have been using the nutritional supplements for almost 6 months, and it has made all the difference in my life. I feel like me again! I feel I have my life back! I can’t say it any better than in the words of my oldest daughter, “I have my mom back” I thank God for His divine intervention in placing me on a road that would lead me to Polly and Dr. Meyers!
Thank You!
Liz Liljestrom-Arizona


“I have been taking the BreakFree program and I went from 15 panic attacks a day to one every so often. I haven’t had one in three or four weeks. I had to really think about when I had the last one. I feel great and all I have to say if you have panic attack or anxiety I think everyone should get on this program. It works.”
Debora del Valle-El Cajon


“I’ve been associated with Dr. Ron Meyers and his BreakFree Program and products for almost two years. I’ve had notable anxiety issues in my life for over 35 years. It took a midnight emergency run to the hospital to get me to be serious about what Dr. Meyers’ practice has to offer. I can say, without exaggeration, that he undoubtedly saved my life during that trying time period. His BreakFree Program, including well-formulated and powerful products, have changed my life dramatically.”
Phil Stone


“I lead 4 classes, 2 weeks ago. 50+ people in each class, even though I was nervous the first class I finished and was told I was very informative and it was obvious I was an expert. 4 weeks ago I led a team to present a project via video-conference and phone to remote people in the US, that too was
a success, delivered well.
Nervous? Yes, anxiety and Panic? No.

So from when we first talked where I could barely look at another human being and avoiding any confrontation, not knowing when the next panic attack would ensue to what I am able to do now …..incredible. Thank you,”

Robert Hansen


I just wanted to tell you how much this program has changed my life. I have had throughout my life, GAD panic attacks and anxiety attacks, I am 62 years young now, so quite a while, after spending many years not knowing what it was, I now think differently and feel differently since starting your programme, you and Dr Meyers and of course Josh too really have put together such a complete package. I can only see me making really good progress from hereon. Thank you so much.
Alan Perkins

United Kingdom

“I had my first panic attack at age 27. I thought I was going to die. I got my 2 year old son up from his nap and couldn’t find anyone to help me so I drove my son and me to the hospital. Polly’s program BreakFree is awesome. I feel so much more in control in my life. I’ve learned to control my panic and depression. I recommend this program to everyone.”