Return/Refund Policy

Break Free From Anxiety is committed to helping people learn to control their anxiety symptoms and “live” again. Knowing how stressful your life already is, our return and refund policies are designed to be as stress free as possible.

Because we want to provide the best possible information, products and services to educate and for controlling anxiety symptoms, we would appreciate any feedback regarding your refund request.

Fear Less-Live More

A one year, Love It or Keep It For Free, refund policy. NO RETURN IS NECESSARY TO RECEIVE YOUR REFUND.

If you are unhappy or disappointed with the Fear Less-Live More anxiety audio course, please call or email Break Free From Anxiety  within one year from the date of purchase to request a full refund. If you have purchased the hard copies in addition to the downloadable version, we will also refund the price of the CD set-less shipping.

BreakFree Program 60 day money back guarantee.

BreakFree is a very expensive program to produce so why would we give such a great guarantee? We are willing to take the risk out of buying the program for you because we have been where you are and don’t want anyone to suffer as long or as much as we did.

All we ask is that you follow the program completely for 30 days. Take the BreakFree nutrients faithfully, fill in the Workbook and do the nutritional exercises.

If, after you have used the BreakFree Program for 30 days and you have not seen improvement, simply call or email and tell us you will be returning your BreakFree Program. You have 60 days from your purchase date to receive a refund.

When your BreakFree Program box arrives, we will issue the amount you paid for the BreakFree Program plus any tax, less shipping and late fee if applicable*

*Because PayPal charges us approximately $20 in fees to issue a refund after 60 days from date of purchase (receipt date needs to be 60 days less any holiday or weekend days) Should your package arrive after that date, we will deduct $20 from your refund.

Because of possible weekend and holiday issues, we advise you to make sure your shipment arrives five days prior to the 60th day.

BreakFree Monthly Nutrients

For your safety and the safety of others, all nutrients returned must be destroyed. Therefore, other than the refund for the BreakFree Program, nutrients sales are non-returnable and non-refundable.