Private Anxiety Coaching Sessions

By Phone/Skype

With Josh Meyers, Director of EducationBreak Free From Anxiety

Stress expert, Private Anxiety Coach, Speaker, and Author, Josh Meyers personally suffered debilitating anxiety and depression. He had his first major panic attack at age five and suffered for nearly 25 years before getting relief. At times Josh was barely able to eat or sleep, and not able to go to school or work. He never thought he would marry and have a family. At his darkest time he lost 60 pounds and was on the edge of hospitalization.

Josh has genetic anxiety like so many of his clients. After going through the BreakFree Program and gaining control over his anxiety, he was finally able to return to college and received his degree in psychology. He married the love of his life and they had two children…one of which also has genetic anxiety.

Since then, with the unique skills he acquired during his journey of recovery, he has taught and helped thousands of people to overcome anxiety and its related depression. Josh has come to believe that controlling anxiety is, rather than a mental illness, a job that takes tools and skills.

Josh knows and understands the triggers for anxiety…genetic, environmental, and psychological…that can cause people to lapse into years of anxiety and rob them of a fulfilling life and that it doesn’t necessarily take a traumatic event to suffer from anxiety and sudden panic attacks. It can hit anyone, at any time, for a variety of reasons.

When working one on one, Josh teaches his clients what it is their body and mind need to recover and then together, by phone or Skype, he develops the personal tools each client needs to live a comfortable, productive life.

If you want to turbocharge your recovery, in addition to the “In Home” BreakFree Program, adding “one-on-one coaching sessions with Josh Meyers is the very best way to do that. Most people see results in a few days and more control over their anxiety symptoms in weeks, not many months or years.

Imagine how close you might be to living the life that you know deep down is possible if anxiety wasn’t stopping you.

Limited availability

Questions or to schedule a session with Josh:

Call: 619-889-9996

Emergency appointments available

Sessions: $4 a minute*(Depending on your need, sessions run 25 to 50 minutes–Emergency sessions, time as needed)

Josh has been where you are and will design the perfect recovery plan just for you.
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or single emergency sessions available.

*Those on the BreakFree Program and Break Free From Anxiety Members receive a 35% discount.