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Fear Less Live-More

Understanding Anxiety and Developing a Plan for Your Recovery

Before you start working the BreakFree Program, now is a great time to listen or watch the 7 session, Fear Less-Live More course. Many people listen several times. There is a tremendous amount of information included that will assist you in your recovery. Listening will lay the a good portion of the educational base that is imperative for full control of your anxiety symptoms. After listening you will know more about anxiety than 95% of all health care providers.

We’ve found that learning the information contained in Fear Less-Live More helps people become their own best advocate. People who listen find they can more easily talk, make suggestions, and even challenge their doctor and/or therapist when they don’t think the treatment presented is best for them.

You are welcome to share Fear Less-Live More with your loved one(s) and/or support person. It will help them understand what you are going through and how they can help you.

Audio  You can download and listen to Fear Less-Live More as an audio only by clicking hereEspecially great while you exercise or drive.

Anxiety Q&A Calls Library You can listen to previous calls by clicking here.

Monthly Nutrients at Discount As you will learn, Dr. Meyers highly recommended that patients stay on the BreakFree  Nutrients for at least 6 months (Josh and Polly continue taking the calming nutrients-and several others they have found particularly helpful for their body-to this day).

You can take the list of nutrients for each Phase provided in the back of the BreakFree Manual and make your purchase at a local health food store.

Or, if you are frustrated or can’t find the exact nutrients, being a member, you may now order the Monthly Nutrients on auto-ship from Break Free From Anxiety. You will receive a $15-29 discount on each package. You will find a link for the monthly nutrients in future emails.

As a member, you may now purchase all nutrients available through Break Free From Anxiety. Nutrients are only available to members.

Anxiety Coaching Sessions with Josh. Break Free From Anxiety members receive a 50% discount on Coaching Sessions by phone or Skype. 

Phone USA: 619-889-9996


If you didn’t book the $79 session with Josh, check here to see if there is still availability. If there are no sessions available, ask that you be put you on the waiting list. 50 Minute Session with Josh Meyers


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